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Biothane Combination Headcollar Bridle
£ 48.00
Manufactured by Raddery Equine, this distinctive Combination Headcollar Bridle is made from original Biothane belting. Hard wearing, wipe clean and soft to the horse.
The style of the Combination bridle allows for removal of bit and cheek pieces without removing the headcollar.

Please see range of  colours when ordering.

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Emergency Space Blanket
£ 4.50
An essential piece of emergency equipment. small enough to carry inside your riding hat, bum bag or even pocket.  This plastic coated foil sheet can save your life.
Flex Ride Stirrups Closed Toe
£ 60.00
Flex Ride Stirrups Closed Toe
Designed by Endurance Riders for Endurance Riders. The stirrups "flex” when the riders weight is put on them – dissipating shock away from the riders leg and horses back.
These stirrups have been successfully used for over 30 years across the world.
Suitable for riders up to 14 st in weight and shoe size UK9 they are recommended only for Endurance riding and general hacking.
Each pair are "handed” (Left and Right) and they have been proved to reduce pain in the knees, pain in the balls of the feet, reduce pins & needles in the feet and toes and alleviate shin splints.

Open Toe Flex Ride Stirrups
£ 50.00
The famous Flex-ride Stirrups in their simplest form without safety toe cage.

Shock attenuating
Broad tread
A comfort to people with "special needs"
Professional dual tube, dual head Stethoscope
£ 30.00
A superior quality stethoscope with Diaphragm and Trumpet heads, ideal for those difficult to hear hearts.
Raddery Saddle Mounted Bottle Holder
£ 12.00
Manufactured by Raddery Equine in hard wearing Cordura, this bottle holder can be clipped onto a D ring on the saddle. A long webbing strap secured by plastic ladderlock fixing reduces any saddle bump. accepts standard 600ml bottles (not included).
Raddery Webbing Headcollar Bridle
£ 36.00
Raddery Webbing Combination Headcollar Bridle. this allows the horse to be brought in from the fields and ridden with the minimum of fuss. Simply put the Headcollar on the horse in the field and attach the detachable cheek pieces with the bit in place in the yard. It couldn't be simpler.
Raddery Webbing Reins
£ 16.80
Raddery Webbing reins. Can be supplied with Cotton/Rubber thread grip section as standard with coloured highlights at end. Supplied with Brass trigger hooks as standard.
Raddery Webbing Scawbrig Bitless headcollar Bridle
£ 38.40
This bridle functions in the same fashion as the standard Combination Headcollar bridle but has the advantage of being able to be used as a bitless bridle by attaching reins to the side rings which function by pressure on the nose.