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Specialist manufacturer and supplier of Endurance Riding equipment


Bev started riding at a very early age, and following a talk from Judy Beaumont about 50 years ago, she was bitten by the Endurance Bug. Judy talked of a fairly new Ride called the Golden Horseshoe ride and it was Bev's dream to compete in this. In 1990, Bev & Bryan attended a Mastercalss being held by the then World Endurance Champion Becky Hart from USA where they were introduced to a specialist stirrup designed for Endurance Riding. Bryan had recently conducted a study into the problems that Endurance riders suffered in their lower limbs and equipped with the results from the study, he approached the developer of these stirrups in California. To cut a long story short, the stirrups were adjusted in accordance with Bryan's results and Raddery Equine was formed to sell them in the UK and Europe. A couple of years later, Raddery Equine took over the American company and moved the manufacture of Flex-Ride Stirrups to Scotland. Following the success of Flex-Ride Stirrups, Raddery Equine went on to source other US based Endurance products and introduced Carousel Action Wear Riding Tights, Biothane Bridleware and Electronic Heart monitors.

Shortly afterwards Raddery bought out Superior equestrian (formally Kangol Equestrian) Bridleware and Hatrick and added these ranges tideour manufacturing base in the Highlands. We now manufacture a wide range of Endurance Specific products from our base and are open to individual requests for bespoke designs.

Raddery Equine has gone on to become one of Europes largest suppliers of Endurance specific equipment.